19 Personal Daily Journal Template Examples to Help You Start Journaling Today

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Are you looking for a first-rate daily journal template for your journaling hobby? Perhaps you want to start journaling, but do not know where to begin? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced journal writer, these daily journal templates will satisfy your thirst for organized planning and soulful writing. You can use these templates … Read more

9 Ways to Increase Your Willpower & Become Mentally Tough

how to increase willpower | 5 ways to increase willpower | how to increase willpower and self control

Trying something new requires a lot of willpower and mental fortitude. Have you perhaps felt that lately you’re not up to the task?  While you want to persevere, you just keep falling short, or you start but then quit just as quickly. Fortunately, there are ways how to increase willpower and become mentally tough in … Read more

Why Is It Important to Set Realistic Goals: 7 Proven Reasons

why is it important to set realistic goals | why is it important to set realistic goals brainly | how to set realistic goals

We’ve all been there, right? When we set New Year’s resolutions, dream big or get caught up in our desires. I’m talking about creating those unrealistic goals… the ones that seem slightly out of reach. “I’m going to lose 40 pounds before summer starts.”  “I’m going to take an art course, set up my graphic … Read more

13 Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities (That Aren’t Lame)

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For many of us, working from home has been an eyeopener.  It’s made us re-evaluate our priorities and, in many cases, spend more time with family.   Add to that, the newfound flexibility and ability to work from anywhere with an Internet connect… at times, working remotely could be (dare I say it?) fun! But … Read more

13 Ways to Develop Self-Initiative at Work or in Life

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You’ve probably heard the word initiative, and may have a general idea of what it means… but do you know how to step up and take initiative? Some people seem to do it so effortlessly, while others need prompting or appear more comfortable letting others take the lead. Today, we are going to talk about … Read more

35 Good Character Traits All People Should Develop

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Personal development is not a journey that never ends… nor should it. The point of personal development is never to simply stop once you’ve reached a certain goal, but to keep reaching for more. The key to successful personal development is adopting a mindful attitude. The ability to step back and take a “good hard … Read more

9 Printable Stress Management Worksheets & Templates

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Looking for the right tool to help manage stress? Stress management worksheets work very well for this purpose. In today’s article, we’re sharing a collection of printable worksheets you can download, print out, and use to help manage and lower your stress and anxiety levels. Stress Can Be a Good Thing In small amounts, stress … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples to Strengthen Your Marriage

smart goals for marriage | marriage goal setting | smart goals for relationships

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and most challenging journeys in life. It’s full of peaks and valleys. Sometimes, we get stuck in the valleys, and the peaks can look far away. This often happens when there isn’t enough mutual support or understanding for each other. But once you’re aware of what needs fixing, … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples to Support Diversity & Inclusion

smart goals for diversity and inclusion | inclusion goal examples | diversity objectives in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion are big topics today. The world has seemingly realized that everybody deserves a fair shot in the workplace. However, there are still many challenges to overcome. One way to overcome such challenges is by using SMART goals, which will make it easy for you to overcome challenges facing diversity in your workplace. … Read more